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The Directors of Preferred Futures are Peter Ellyard and Hannah Ellyard

Peter Ellyard

Peter Ellyard is a futurist and strategist who lives in Melbourne. A
graduate of the University of Sydney (BSc.Agr) and Cornell University
(MS, Ph.D), he is a Executive Director of Preferred Futures which he
founded in 1991. A former Executive Director for the Australian
Commission for the Future (1988-1991), he held CEO positions in a
number of public sector organisations for 15 years, including two
Environment Departments and an Industry and Technology Department. He
was Chief of Staff of the Office of the Minister for the Environment
in Canberra. He has been a Senior Adviser to the United Nations
system for more than 25 years, including the UNDP,UNEP and UNESCO,
and was a Special Adviser to the 1992 Earth Summit. He has worked
extensively in developing countries Peter was a consultant to the
Malaysia 2020 program for 5 years. During 1998 he completed
KUMUL2020, a UNDP funded strategic vision for the future of Papua
New Guinea, which was launched by the PNG Government in August 1999.

Peter is Chairman of the Universal Greening Group, a group of
companies involved in environmenal innovations , ecological
sustainability and the creation of a sustainable society, and which
includes a Green Venture Capital company . He is Chairman of the
MyPlanet Foundation (MPF), a new global not for profit organisation.
The MPF's major programs are "MyTown" which is dedicated to develop
21st century sustainable prosperity for rural and regional
communities and "MyCountry" its equivalent for developing nations.
He is Adjunct Professor of Intergenerational Strategies at the
University of Queensland in both the School of Management and the
School of Natural and Rural Systems Management. Peter has written a
best selling book Ideas for the New Millennium, which was published
in September 1998 by the Melbourne University Press. A second edition
of the book was released in January 2001. He is a Fellow of the
Australian College of Education, the Environment Institute of
Australia and the Australian Institute of Management. He has
practiced and taught Iyengar yoga for 20 years and is a practising
Esperantist. His other passions include music, theatre and supporting
the Brisbane Lions.

Hannah Ellyard

Hannah Ellyard has a background in natural resource and environmetal management. A graduate of the University of Adelaide, she has a Bachelor of Science, majoring in biological sciences and a Masters of Science in Ecological Management. She has worked as an ecologist and natural resource planner in both public and private sector organisations. Her experience has been primarily in integrated catchment and water resource management, particularly developing plans that integrate effective environmental management with productive land uses. Hannah has a thorough understanding of the integration of environmental management and community development/futures in rural areas, having worked and lived in the South Australian Riverland for a number of years. Hannah also has experience in strategic planning and policy development, environmental assessment, community education and consultation and the development of sustainability indicators.
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