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Preferred Futures & Innovatiion

Preferred Futures also is vitally involved in the innovation of new products and
services for emerging 21st markets, which will shape future
industrial and enterprise development in each of these areas

It is also interested in how emerging generic technologies will shape
these core areas. The four core technologies which will shape the
development of new innovations are ;
* Cybertechnologies, including information technology (IT), knowledge
technology (KT) and wisdom technology (WT)
* Biotechnologies
* Nanotechnologies, and
* New Materials technologies

In its consultation work and envisioning, Preferred Futures uses a
state of the art collaborative computing system called a Collaborator
which is an Australian innovation.


The Collaborator is a single PC to
which is attached up to 12 keyboards. All these keyboards can be used
to simultaneously input ideas and opinions to questions which would
be developed by the project team in consultation with the client and
other interested parties. Because the PC screen is projected into a
large screen or wall, all participants can see the contributions of
others, thereby maximising the stimulation which comes from intensive
interaction . All ideas and comments are recorded in a data base,
which will be made available to the client. A data base interrogation
software program called InfoSelect is then used to collect all ideas
of similar content or containing core keywords into single frames,
where they can be used to drew conclusions or to write scenarios.

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