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The services provided by Preferred Futures.

While it specialises in long term strategic planning and envisioning,
bringing everything together, Preferred Futures has expertise in a
range of related matters . These include:
* education and learning for 21st century thrival and thrivability
* industrial futures and restructuring,
* sustainable production ,consumption and development,
* intergenerational equity and justice.
* technological change and management,
* globalisation and tribalisation,
* health and wellbeing,
* community development ,
* social justice, initiation and empowerment for young people,
* successful ageing and elderhood ,
* conservation and bioversity protection
* cultural development and resilience
* innovation and enterprise development .

You share in the knowledge and gain from the specialist insights of Preferred Futures through workshops and motivational speeches which
are customised for clients in all of these areas.

Preferred Futures offers its clients a number of services. These are
a consequence of Peter Ellyard's wide experience in both the public
and private sectors, academia and in the United Nations system


Preferred Futures offers the following services:

1. The Preferred Futures Institute offers a short course to enable
interested people to be accredited in its Preferred Futures
envisioning and strategic action methodology. This credentialling is
a prerequisite for people who wish to participate in the envisioning
programs of the MyPlanet Foundation. Inquiries can be made by pressing the Links button and connecting with the MyPlanet Foundation Website

2. Workshops in Preferred Futures Envisioning/Strategic Planning and
Leadership and Management , which are customised for clients.
Inquiries can be directed to the management agent of Preferred Futures , by pressing the Links button and connecting with the
Saxton Management Group's website .

3. Public addresses/Motivational speeches by Peter Ellyard. Peter is
a highly regarded public speaker. Enquiries about these services
can be made via the links button and connecting with the

Saxton Management Group's website .

4. Papers written by Peter Ellyard can be down loaded from the Papers available though pressing the links button and choosing a paper to download.

5. Copies of Peter Ellyard's book 'Ideas for the New Millennium' can be
ordered by pressing the Links button and going to the

Melbourne University Press website

Contact Us.